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His and Her Christmas

Tom Lane is a star columnist for the San Francisco Sun, owned by the media group. The company is considering increasing Tom’s exposure by producing a new TV show around him. Liz Madison is a suggestion columnist for the little-known community newspaper Marin County Voice, which is a return to the era of moderation. In addition to their journalism career, another similarity between Tom and Liz is that they are currently single, and their friends and family do their best to find that special person for their personal lives. On November 2, Voice employees learned that Sun’s property had purchased their newspaper, with the possible goal of incorporating it into Sun’s operations. If this happens, Voice employees will lose their jobs. In order to fight back, Liz decided to change her column into an editorial to defend the meaning of Christmas and newspapers for the community. Due to the vitality and entertaining attitude of Liz’s new column, the circulation of Voice has increased so much that the owner doubts whether it can be folded, thereby putting Tom’s new TV show in danger. In order to protect his career development, Tom decided to write a counterpoint column for Liz, instilling some practicality for Christmas. The competing columns became a personal contest between the two columnists. However, although Tom and Liz hate each other, their respective friends try to convince them that there is a line between love and hate.

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