Marry Me At Christmas

Marry Me At Christmas

In Marry Me At Christmas-Downtown Fool’s Gold, California is awash in Christmas decors, prepared for the rush of visitors the small mountain resort town entertains each year. Co-owners of Paper Moon Bridal, Maddie Krug and Isabel are adding last-minute touches to the shop’s décor, while Isabel bemoans their slow service and how they might need to close if things do not improve. Maddie, ever the optimist, ensures her that they’ll make it. Ginger and her fiancé Oliver, while shopping for a bridal gown, confess to Maddie that they have made no preparations for their wedding, which is occurring at Christmas right there in Fool’s Gold. Ginger begs Maddie to prepare the wedding event, however Maddie is not a wedding planner and is not interested; that is, till Isabel advises Maddie that maybe this might open doors to brand-new business venture. After accepting, Maddie and Ginger end up being good friends as they go about plans for Ginger’s nuptials.

Upon arriving in Fool’s Gold, action motion picture star Johnny Blake captivates Maddie, who is entirely amazed to discover he is Ginger’s brother, and the person who is paying for the wedding. Not impressed by his celeb status, Maddie is also a bit put-off by Johnny’s take-charge attitude towards the wedding. Dealing with this person is not going to be simple, but her company needs the business, so work with him she will.

Eventually, Johnny finds himself falling in love with Fool’s Gold and its townspeople. And the more time they invest together, the more Johnny and Maddie recognize they are falling for one another. Maddie is still reeling from her ex’s sudden departure, is not ready to trust once again, and firmly insists that she and Johnny stay simply buddies. Soon, nevertheless, Maddie realizes that they are a terrific match.

When a mix-up encourages Maddie that Johnny is secretly dating his co-star and Isabel’s efforts to promote the shop land Johnny in the middle of a tabloid craze, neither one is prepared to forgive, or talk to, the other. That is, up until Johnny discovers the truth about the tabloid photos and comes up with a plan, with suggestions from Maddie’s father, to get her alone one more time in the hope that he can encourage her to provide another opportunity at love.

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