Shoelaces For Christmas (2018)

Shoelaces For Christmas

Jennifer is an egotistical snooty, self-centered teen with snooty, shallow buddies. They are preparing a substantial bang-up best Christmas celebration and welcoming the cute people. Jennifer’s father informs her to be house by 8pm for an essential household meeting. She is disrespectfully late and walks in with a mindset …”the length of time will this take?” Her mommy, Jan, has simply completed chemo treatments and requires surgical treatment next … Jennifer’s most significant problem? “What about the Christmas celebration?” Jennifer leaves in a huff and discovers herself alone in the dark. Just a little frightened, she stumbles into a family shelter for the homeless and satisfies Ruthie the housemother who says they are short-handed so she can help out. Jennifer, entirely unfamiliar with shelter life, encounters a little girl, Chloe, who, after numerous years on the streets with her mom, doesn’t speak at all.

Her dad is fed up with Jennifer being so wrapped up in herself and tells her point blank … she is immature for a 17-year-old, has no empathy, and doesn’t take obligation. There will be changes. She will help her mom, work at the shelter, and be nice to her bro. And that trip to Paris? If (big IF) she gets to go, she will have to make it! No huge changes implies no big journey.

At the shelter, Jennifer is mopping the floors and notices little Chloe’s shoes without any laces. As Jennifer continues to work at the shelter, reading to the kids, cleaning floorings, doing dishes, she develops an unlikely bond with both the personnel and one extremely unique little Chloe, whom she welcomes to her home for Christmas supper. What comes next for everyone when Jan asks Chloe what she desires for Christmas! Jennifer finally has a deeper understanding of the significance of love for her family and others,  and finds the true meaning of Christmas.

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