The Christmas Club Hallmark Christmas Movie

The Christmas Club

On one fine hectic day, Olivia, a dance instructor and Edward, a company expert, two complete strangers, meet when they are assisting a senior woman find her lost Christmas cost savings.

When Olivia’s dance studio ends up for sale, it ends up that Edward’s customer is the one who is buying it. Even then, he tries to help her out by revealing her another studio, but she turns it down. Undoubtedly, since she wishes to do it all by herself.

Surprisingly, when the postponed loan comes through earlier than expected, she is over-joyed to share the news with Edward. Her joy is futile when she sees Edward hug the loan officer.

Shattered and embarrassed, Olivia storms away and tells Edward that they can’t have a relationship if he does not believe in her abilities. They were destined to meet, however after all this, just the miracle of Christmas can help them to revive their flame of love. Will Edward and Olivia get the final ending they be destined for?

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