The Christmas Consultant

The Christmas Consultant

In The Christmas Consultant,  follows the Fletcher household, particularly fragrance executive Maya and her similarly hectic partner Jack. Both of them are busy dealing with the stress of their requiring jobs as well as with the effect that a current move for Maya’s career has had on their kids. In order to impress both her employer and a prospective new customer, Maya accepts to host a Christmas celebration at her brand-new house. This puts extra tension on her especially considering that both her and Jack’s family members have made plans to spend the holidays at their brand-new house.

Jack suggests that Maya hire Owen, a prestigious Christmas expert, to plan the party in her stead. In spite of some preliminary doubts, the Fletchers employ Owen, who states that he will work every day except for Christmas Day, which he will spend with his family. He quickly endears himself to the family, helping David overcome a local bully and oldest child Anna get a date with her crush. Owen even helps the Fletchers’ youngest daughter Steffi come out of her shell and stop creating morbid and gory fantasies involving her toys. In the process of all of this happening, Maya feels left out and grows even more stressed out, as she feels like Owen is replacing her in the household.

On the night of the Christmas celebration, Maya’s stress caps when her kids make a point of specially thanking Owen in front of all of the visitors and members of the family. Distressed, Maya faces everybody and ends up not just destroying the party, but running off the visitors and her customer. Horrified at the loss of the client, Maya’s boss instantly fires Maya. The following early morning, Maya apologizes to her family, who forgive her for her actions.

Maya travels to Owen’s home to ask forgiveness, just to find that Owen isn’t there which his wife had passed away 5 years back. She also discovers that his claims of having 2 kids were likewise false which he ‘d made them up. Maya discovers Owen as he’s walking through town looking at window displays and apologizes, likewise telling him that she’s mindful that he ‘d lied about his family. He admits that he comprised the majority of the stories in an effort to handle her death. Maya convinces him to come over to her house with her, as she views him as a family member. She’s amazed when her boss returns with the customer, who informs Maya that she’s rehired which after the party, Maya’s manager and the client had actually ended up being a couple. Then, one last member of the family arrives, Maya’s cousin, who shares an immediate connection with him.

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