Write Before Christmas

Write Before Christmas

Jessica hasn’t had much luck with romance, and when her partner dumps her two weeks before Christmas, she decides to take a vacation from dating altogether. In fact, the five cards she ‘d bought for her ex, she chooses to send out to the five individuals who’ve changed her life for the better, and somehow each card sets off a domino effect of indisputable love. Aunt Lila, who raised Jessica after her parents passed, unintentionally drops the card she gets, and Tom, the next-door neighbor who Lila’s had a crush on, picks it up, sparking immediate romance. The card Jessica sends out to her brother serving in the military, inspires him to go after the woman he’s fallen for Jessica’s friend, who encouraged her to try out for the cello position at the symphony. She sends a card to Jax, a ’90s boy band star who hasn’t composed anything since his hit tune “Luv U on Christmas.” In the card Jessica explains that his music got her through the death of her parents, and all of a sudden Jax is inspired to compose again.

The fifth card Jessica sends out is to her youth music teacher who inspired her to play cello, but that instructor is in Kenya. Her son Luke, a photographer, reads out Jessica’s card to his mother, who’s so moved she advises Luke to offer Jessica one of her vintage cellos. As it ends up, Luke, like Jessica, is a bit gun-shy about dating after being left at the altar, but the two can’t reject their immediate chemistry. After a six-hour very first date, which includes finding a Christmas tree for Saint Mary’s Group Home where Luke volunteers, decorating it, and playing Mr. and Mrs. Kringle for the kids at Saint Mary’s Group Home, their attraction is all but sealed. When Jessica, discovers some of Luke’s photographs and is shocked when he gives her one filled with quotes from George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life, “You desire the moon? Simply say the word, and I’ll toss a lasso around it.”.

Just when it seems that fate has actually lassoed love for everyone, misunderstandings get in the way. Day dreaming and having a look at Luke’s photography website, Jessica notices Luke’s hockey pictures so she gets her skates and heads to the rink to see if he’s there. He is, except his arms are around a gorgeous lady! Distressed, Jessica leaves, unaware the lady had actually simply slipped on the ice and he had caught her before hitting the ice. Later, having no idea that Jessica even went to the rink, Luke goes to see her at the music shop just in time to see her hugging her ex-boyfriend. Assuming they’ve rekindled, instead of hugging one last time to say goodbye, Luke takes off. When a couple is fated to be together, things can get smoothed over, and “it’s a wonderful life” isn’t simply a film any longer, it’s the story of their happy ever after.

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